Reach your guests on their own trusted screens


Show your message right on your guests' screen.

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Review booster

We'll send review invites by e-mail to customers who've visited your venue.

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Birthday e-mails

We'll automatically send personalized birthday wishes to your customers.

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Mailing list builder

We'll automatically build a GDPR compliant mailing list that you can also use with other marketing tools.

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Who's in the house right now?

Direct feedback on who's in your venue right now. Including visit history and GDPR compliant personal information.

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Our entire system is available in a wide range of languages, for you and your guests.

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Reach your guests on their own trusted screens

Show your highlights to your customers in the right place on the right moment.
Timing is key

Do you want to show your ad only during lunch or dinner, or only on weekdays? You can!

Highly customizeble

Use only text, an image or both. It's all up to you!

Schedule ads

Wouldn't it be nice if you could add dates to ads? So you can schedule ahead and limit the time you need to spend behind your computer? You can!

Age check

Does your local law prohibit showing ads for certain products (like alcohol) to minors? We've got you covered with our build in age check!


Birthday wishes by email

Customers like the attention on their special day. We'll handle all the heavy lifting for you and send out birthday messages on your behalf. Just set it up once using our set-and-forget system and don't look back!

On the birthday

Approximately 70% of all the people check their email when they wake up. Make sure you're the first to congratulate them on their special day!

A couple of days in advance

Make sure your customers make their reservations for their special day in time. We'll send an email x days in advance.

Boost your online reputation!

We don't need to explain to you how important your online reputation is for your business. Wouldn't it be great if your visitors received a review requests by e-mail shortly after they visited your company and used your guest Wi-Fi? 

Join InvolvedWifi today to leverage the power of our Review Booster! Of course, you can set this up using our set-and-forget system; switch it on once and don't look back!

GDPR complient mailinglist

As an InvolvedWifi customer, you collect e-mail addresses and profiles from your guests. You can use this for your marketing, such as your newsletter. 

You can download the user information in .xls (Microsoft Excel) or .csv format so you can import these into email system services like MailChimp or CampaignMonitor.

Our EmailVerification+ system ensures that you only receive usefully and validated e-mail addresses from guests who have indicated that they are open to being approached by e-mail.

You'll get a userfriendly Guest Wi-Fi system

How did people ever survive without Wi-Fi?

All of InvolvedWifi's marketing tools are based on your guest Wi-Fi

This is where your customer provides us with their contact details and gives you consent to use this for marketing.
Users are able to connect really fast using a social media account, email or even anonymous (you're free to allow anonymous connections).

Smart recognition

When we detect a recurring user, we don't let the user log in again!

Global recognition

If a user has ever been to another (international) location of InvolvedWifi, it will also be automatically recognized by your guest Wi-Fi system.

Safe connections

Your users are isolated in your network. They're not able to connect to other computers or devices (like your POS system).

Who's in?

Your personal dashboard provides you with real-time insight into who is present in your business at the relevant time and can even alert you to a guest's birthday.

Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers


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