• Stef Rouschop,
  • Wednesday April 18th 2018

Easy connection to WiFi networks with QR codes

Sharing your WiFi connection information with friends, clients or guests has been a struggle since the beginning of WiFi. Finding the right network name in the ever-growing list of available networks is not the hardest part. Filling in the password is what most people annoy the most. Obvious mistakes with uppercase and lowercase often result in an "unable to connect" message. QR code's to the rescue!


It's incredibly simple to create a WiFi QR code for your network using the InvolvedWifi QR generator. When someone scans the QR code, a message will pop-up asking to connect to the right WiFi and automatically fill out the password.
The QR code can be easily shared by printing on your menu, on a little sign in your conference room/waiting room etc.

It's not limited to password protected WiFi networks, free public networks like InvolvedWifi guest WiFi can also profit from QR codes. This way your guest won't have to scroll through all available networks and prevent them by clicking on the wrong one.

Many smartphone brands (like Apple since iOS 11) support scanning QR codes natively through the photo camera app.

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