• Stef Rouschop,
  • Wednesday April 18th 2018

Easy connection to WiFi networks with QR codes

Sharing your WiFi connection information with friends, clients or guests has been a struggle since the beginning of WiFi. Finding the right network name in the ever-growing list of available networks is not the hardest part. Filling in the password is what most people annoy the most. Obvious mistakes with uppercase and lowercase often result in an "unable to connect" message. QR code's to the rescue!

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  • Stef Rouschop,
  • Tuesday April 3rd 2018

Guest wifi in the seasonal hospitality industry

A good guest wifi is often ignored in the seasonal hospitality industry. The reason for this is understandable. They do not want to pay for something that is not used for a large part of the year. Luckily InvolvedWifi has a solution for this!

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  • Ronald Huijgen,
  • Sunday October 2nd 2016

BBB Maastricht 2016

Meet us next week at BBB Maastricht in the MECC in Maastricht. BBB Maastricht is the most important Euregional event for hospitality professionals. Together with our partner Lightspeed you can find us at booth FF.211.

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