How many InvolvedWifi hotspots do I need?

Well, that depends entirely on your venue. Most of our customers are using only one InvolvedWifi Hotspot. The default InvolvedWifi Hotspot can connect up to 50 concurrent users. The range depends heavily on the structure of your building, normally it would be 25 - 50 meters (3-4 walls).

If you want to expand your range you can add more InvolvedWifi Hotspots. This will not only expand your range but also increase the number of concurrent users. All InvolvedWifi plans allow the use of up to 3 InvolvedWifi Hotspots. So it's easy to start out with just one InvolvedWifi Hotspot and expand later on if needed. You can contact InvolvedWifi Sales if you need more InvolvedWifi Hotspots.

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