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InvolvedWifi leverages the power of the cloud controlled hardware of OpenMesh. There are many reasons why we've chosen for this brand to build our InvolvedWifi platform on top of, but we'll not get into too many details.

If your company also uses OpenMesh, then remember this: All your current clients are already potential InvolvedWifi clients! They can enjoy using all the InvolvedWifi functionality without any hardware investment. They only need the software license, which you can add remotely their hardware. No need to make a visit to your client!

Let us give you some great arguments to sign up today:

  • InvolvedWifi is GDPR compliant!
  • If you want, we can bill you instead of directly to your customer. This way you're able to add InvolvedWifi integrated into your existing services.
  • Your reseller dashboard contains all the tools you need to service your customers.
  • Your reseller dashboard provides you with a nice overview of all your earnings including a forecast.
  • Your earnings are recurring!
  • We'll also provide you with an affiliate code. When a new customer signs up through our InvolvedWifi website with this code, the new customer will be added to your reseller account. Of course, you're also able to create customer accounts yourself through your dashboard.
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